We have designed and delivered nearly a thousand training sessions.

More than 100,000 participants took part.

We most commonly design training in the fields of:


customer service

internal procedures


prevention of bullying and discrimination

ethics and values

personal effectiveness

team management




operation of IT systems

We offer:

E-learning training

E-learning training is a type of training which focuses on changing the behavior of the participants, not just transferring knowledge. Thanks to this, the training has practical meaning for each participant. Well-designed interactions involve the participants making the training not only practical and valuable, but also interesting.

E-Learning Express

E-Learning Express is the perfect solution if you want to quickly deliver the training to participants. We will quickly turn the pre-prepared material (e.g a power point presentation) into a smart and attractively operating e-learning course ready to be shared via the e-learning platform.

E-learning games

Engaging through a game? Of course, it works. If you want to engage your trainees even more, prepare a role-playing game, a simulation or a game of skill with us. All our games are made with e-learning technologies so they will run on your e-learning platform.

See our example trainings:

Prevention of bullying and discrimination

In this training we put a lot of effort into engaging the emotion of anxiety in the participants. The aim of this operation was to motivate participants to take action to prevent bullying. Did we succeed? Let the participants be the judges of that. This training is ready to be made available immediately. We may revise the identification of marketing to one in line with your organization.

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E-learning game

E-learning games attract and engage learners, but business effectiveness is still the most important issue.  The story, screenplay, characters and challenges facing participants are the result of training and business objectives. This is not only fun and learning, but also work at the level of behavior and results for the organization. E-learning games are designed using e-learning  technology, so they are SCORM compliant. Thus it is possible to place them on the e-learning platform and track performance.

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This learning pill was designed to provide one cohesive idea in a short time. The process of designing such short learning forms is very challenging. One idea, cohesive formula, best possible form and training goals approach are combined in one short e-learning production.

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Ask us if you want to learn about other sample projects and unique methodology for designing effective training.

Opinions of participants:

The training translates into situations in the daily work of a manager. Very helpful.

Stefan Nowaczyk
Director Strategy

In the future I want to participate in this form of training. Well prepared, the content is understandable and the self-educating process is very accessible.

Justyna Świdurska

The training is very well prepared. The information “stays in your head,” and the training is fun and effective.

Katarzyna Zaremba
Account Manager

A new method of knowledge transfer is friendly, attractive; the employee can be trained at any time convenient for him/her.

Marcin Ryk
customer advisor

A great course. Good form of relaying information, it requires active participation. Please give me more.

Adriana Kownacka
sales specialist