Our biggest dream is to make people happier, help them enjoy e- learning and development, see the meaning, purpose and value behind it, feel commitment and achieve outstanding results. Everything we do is dedicated to that dream.

Modern training technologies are our passion. We are excited about gadgets, design, multimedia, animation, programming, and especially the brain, its function and ways of learning. We are connected by 10 values which we live by:

  1. Be creative and act;
  2. Communicate honestly, openly and directly;
  3. Be brave and tenacious;
  4. Grow;
  5. Exceed expectations;
  1. Show respect and trust;
  2. Keep humility;
  3. Be free and trust yourself;
  4. Simplify and make more;
  5. Joke and infect with humor at the same time.

Our team


The main brain, the control center, a man devoted to his passion. A big fan of not only e-learning, but also content marketing. He read all the books in the world that bring value to a company. He changed the meaning and purpose of creating e-learning courses. He is constantly making changes, otherwise he would not grow. He is a precursor, who will be written about on Wikipedia.


Designer and developer in one. He knows everything and can do everything. His kindness and assertiveness are above average. Totally devoted to family and e-learning.


Passionate about sales. No one gets as happy as he does when the phone rings. For him there are no unanswered questions. A New Customer and a win by Kolejorz  gets him on his feet.


A specialist on paper work and large projects. She stands at the basis of peaks and creates the appropriate maps to bring the crew to the goal. She is not afraid of budgets and deadlines. Everything has to make sense to her, otherwise she will complain.


A developer with good taste. Her training are like her nails – elegant and pampered. She gets up from her chair only to get a glass of water. She is never late and she never disappoints.
Does anyone need a better wife?


A writer, a designer and a great mind. His brain probably has more folds than all our brains combined. There are no questions that he does not know the answer to. There are no stories for which he does not know anecdotes. There are no people who would not praise his training.