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Engage the participants, let them change and develop.

Change attitudes and behaviors, don’t just pass on the knowledge.

Combine the satisfaction of participants with results for the organization.

Platform Learncom 1

Efficiently manage e-learning in medium and large organizations.

100 or 10 000 participants? Learncom 1 will allow you to flexibly and securely manage the learning process and track the results, even in very large organizations. E-learning courses, tasks, tests and surveys will allow you to use various training techniques.

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Platform Learncom 2

Create a gamified environment and use it in your training project.

Let the participants and teams of participants compete thanks to the results achieved in training. We guarantee that you will be positively surprise with the involvement and attendance of the participants.

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Effect Factor

Examine the effectiveness of training through the Effect Factor.

Finally, you can measure the effects of training not only at the level of knowledge, but also of participant behavior and the results for your organization.

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